Custom Application Software (CAS) can be required to be developed for a wide range of hardware and software platforms. Our team has experience in, but not limited, developing:

Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps for iOS and Android powered smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, TV and Auto. We use native programming languages such as Swift and Kotlin to develop mobile apps which ensures better performance and a great user experience. C++ is used to develop modules that require high performance (Image recognition, Machine Learning, Signal processing, etc.) code execution. At Renuilus various such optimized development practices are deployed to each project.

Websites & Web Apps

Responsive and High performance websites and web applications using latest Web 2.0 technologies. Services that need guranteed 24x7 uptime and need to serve several thousands of requests at a time. We develop rich 3D experiences using WebGL and WebVR that are optimised for realtime web delivery.

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • WebGL, WebVR
  • PHP 7, Ruby & Python 3
  • Node.js
  • Angular and React
  • SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB, Redis

Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR and VR is future of how we get to interact with the digital world. ARCore and ARKit is used by the team here at Renuilus to build AR compatible apps and games. We have wide range of hardware devices that includes smatphones, tablets, VR headsets that we used to test our apps before publishing them to app store. Applications for AR and VR is already being applied to various use cases such as:

  • Architecture
  • Training & simulation
  • Healthcare
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Automobile

3D Modelling

3D models are required for product design, video games, architectural visulizations, etc. We have talented Artists that work on technologies used in 3D industry across the world. Our studio can offer you complete 3D asset creation pipeline:

  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • High poly to Low poly conversion
  • Texture Baking
  • Rigging
  • Scanning and Photogrammetry
  • Motion Capture for Animation
  • Inverse Kinematics animations
all under one roof.
Our toolset includes:
  • Autodesk 3DS Max & Maya
  • Blender
  • zBrush
  • Allegorithmic Substance Designer
  • Allegorithmic Substance Painter
  • Marvelous Designer
  • World Machine
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • RizomUV
  • Agisoft PhotoScan
  • MeshLab
  • MotionBuilder

Video Games

At our studio we use Unreal Engine 4 and Vulkan for video game development that makes the players go wow! We make video games for Desktop, Mobile and Consoles (Xbox and Playstation). At our studio there is complete pipeline for 3D content creation. You won't need to deal with various vendors for project specific needs.